Mr. Mohammed Abdel Razzaq Al-Dawood

Welcome to Arab Aluminum Industry Aluminum Company (ARAL) website. A public listed company that has been producing high quality aluminum profiles to Jordanian markets and the MENA since 1982.

From early beginning, ARAL’s main driving force was to fulfill market needs with quality products and services. That endeavor has remained a constant policy, which ensured continuous success, placing us in the ranks of large and diversified aluminum manufacturers in Jordan and the Middle East.

The board of directors established ARAL’s direction for the upcoming period, which surely will be reached on a basis of business plans and work programs, governed by time frames and performance indicators.

We are proud to be known as the premier in the field of high quality aluminum profiles; mill finish, powder coated, anodized and wood finish.

We hope, throughout this website, to build bridges of communication with all our valued stakeholders from Jordan and the region.

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