Eng. Osama H. Aggad

Dear customers and stakeholders,

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting our website, and hope you find all your needsthrough it, and we also hope to see you in our offices.

This website, which we hope you finduser-friendly, offers various possibilities for interaction.

In my current role as a general manager of ARAL, I have the opportunity to speak with ourloyal subscribers. So, I am taking this chance totell you some of our secrets of success.

Integrity, honesty and trust are our principles.Our mission is to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction and to exceed their expectations.

As Jordan’s leading aluminum manufacturingcompany, ARAL produces a wide range of aluminum products, such as powder coated,anodized, mill finish and wood finish. We havea track record of success, which allows ourcompany to acquire a leading position in the Jordanian market.

ARAL started with two presses and now wehave four. We are proud to be the only aluminum company, which has a die-factory in the region.

company, which has a die-factory in the region.At ARAL, we always aim to meet the changing market demands and are continuously adapting our organization and resources, to match the nlobal situation and the shifting balance of the market place. We take these measures from a position of financial and strategic strength,reacting to certain evolutionary trends and anticipating others

We commit ourselves to investing in all of ourresources, with a clear focus on humanresources, so as to always offer our customers unique and outstanding services and products.

We are proud of our achievements towards oursociety and stakeholders throughout the past 38years, and are making the commitment toguarantee the sustainable growth and development of ARAL.

General Manager
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