Participate in a scientific lecture at the Royal Scientific Society about aluminum profiles for solar energy systems -- 01/23/2019
A scientific lecture was held at the Center of Constructions and Sustainable Buildings / Royal Scientific Society in the presence of Arab Aluminum Company (Aral) and Al Nimri Renewable Energy Company...
Independence day of Jordan -- 05/24/2018
Arab Aluminum Industry (ARAL) congartes our beloved king and people in the 72nd anninversary on Independance day, which will be tommorrow.
The General Authority Approved The Board Of Director’s Proposal To distribute (7 %) As Cash Dividends To The Shareholders -- 04/09/2018
 The Forty second  General Authority meeting was held on Monday, 04/09/2018 at the company's headquarter in Ein Al-Basha, where the Chairman was initiated the meeting  with a speech  started by...


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